0n3 D4y 1 W4N7 70 pl4y MY 94m3cUb3, BU7 Wh3n 1 0P3N3d 17, 17 h4D bl00d 1N 17, 4ND 1 rUN D0Wn my s741R2 700 K4LL 73h K0P2, bu7 1 Sl1P 1n bl00d  wh1l3 rUNn1N' D0Wn 73h s741r2, 4ND S33 m4r10 DR0WN Lu191 1n my K17Ch3n s1nk, Bu7 73H w473R W42 bL00d1! 4nd m4r10 w3n7 d0wn 73H dr41n, bU7 1 w42 L1K3 "J00'r3 N07 901n' 4W4y m07h3R pHuX0r3R!!!11" S0 1 90 d0wn 73H dR41N W17 M4R10, bU7 1 D3C1d3d 70 74K3 LU191'2 D34d B0dy W17 m3H, S0 1 w3n7 D0wn 73H DR41n 4ND 1 W42 1n "s0N1c'2 h3LL l4nD w17 bl00d L4nd" Wh3n 907 70 73h S0N1c l4ND 7H1n9Y, 1 S4w BL00d 4nD n421 sYMB0l2 3V3RYwh3R3 w17 ph1r3, 4nd m4R10 W42 D01N' s0n1c 7h1n92, S0 1 74K3 LU191'2 d34d b0dY, 4ND 7h3n Ph0rc3d 17 D0Wn M4r10'2 m0U7h. m4r10 D13D, 4Nd S0 d1d 1, bu7-Bu7, h0w d1D 1 d13? W3LL, y00 d1C1d3.

73h 3nd, 1 7h1nk...............

English: one day i went to play my gamecube, but when i opened it, it had blood in it, and i run down my stairs too call the cops, but i slip in blood  while running down the stairs, and see mario drown luigi in my kitchen sink, but the water was blood, and mario went down the drain, but i was like "you're not going away mother fucsfker.ll" so i go down the drain with mario, but i decided to take luigi's dead body with me, so i went down the drain and i was in "sonic's hell land with blood land" when got to the sonic land thingy, i saw blood and nazi symbols everywhere with fire, and mario was doing sonic things, so i take luigi's dead body, and then forced it down mario's mouth. mario died, and so did i, but-but, how did i die? well, you dicide.

THE END, i think...............

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